Beyond Android: Exploring Alternative OS for Your TV Box

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By Wilhelm Gutmann

If you’re looking to expand your options beyond the standard Android operating system on your TV box, there are several alternative operating systems (OS) available that can offer different features and experiences. Let’s explore some of these alternative OS options and see what they have to offer.

What Are Alternative OS?

Alternative OS refer to operating systems other than the default Android system that can be installed on TV boxes. These alternative OS may offer different interfaces, features, and functionalities compared to Android, providing users with a variety of options to choose from based on their preferences.

Types of Alternative OS

There are several alternative OS options available for TV boxes, each offering unique features and experiences:

  • Linux-Based OS: Linux-based operating systems are known for their stability, security, and customization options. These OS may offer different desktop environments and software packages tailored for TV box usage.
  • Windows-Based OS: Some TV boxes can run Windows-based operating systems, such as Windows 10 or Windows 11. These OS provide access to a wide range of desktop applications and games, but may require more powerful hardware to run smoothly.
  • Custom OS: Some TV box manufacturers develop their own custom operating systems, offering unique interfaces and features designed specifically for their devices.

Exploring Alternative OS Options

Let’s take a closer look at some popular alternative OS options for TV boxes:

1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a popular Linux-based operating system known for its user-friendly interface and extensive software library. It offers a wide range of applications for multimedia playback, web browsing, productivity, and more. Android TV box ubuntu can be installed on TV boxes to provide a stable and customizable alternative to Android.

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2. Windows 10/11

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are full-fledged desktop operating systems developed by Microsoft. While they require more powerful hardware compared to Android or Linux-based OS, they offer access to a vast ecosystem of desktop applications, including media players, web browsers, productivity suites, and games. Installing Windows on a TV box can turn it into a versatile multimedia and gaming machine.

3. LibreELEC

LibreELEC is a lightweight Linux-based operating system designed specifically for media center devices like TV boxes. It comes pre-installed with the Kodi media player software, providing users with a seamless multimedia playback experience. LibreELEC is optimized for performance and stability, making it a popular choice for users who primarily use their TV boxes for media consumption.


Exploring alternative OS options for your TV box can open up new possibilities and experiences beyond the standard Android system. Whether you’re looking for a user-friendly Linux-based OS like Ubuntu, a full-fledged desktop experience with Windows, or a dedicated media center solution like LibreELEC, there’s an alternative OS out there to suit your needs. So why not consider trying out a different OS and see what it has to offer for your TV box?

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