App All-Stars Firestick Sports Apps for Free

App All-Stars: Firestick Sports Apps for Free

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Firestick is a popular streaming device that transforms any TV into a smart TV, offering a wide range of apps to enhance your viewing experience. For sports enthusiasts, Firestick provides access to numerous free sports apps, allowing you to stay updated with your favorite sports without paying a dime. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best free sports apps available for Firestick, categorizing them based on various sports and features.

Live Sports Streaming Apps

Live sports streaming apps are essential for fans who want to watch games and events in real-time. These apps provide access to live broadcasts of various sports, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

Live Sports Streaming Apps

Live NetTV

Live NetTV offers a comprehensive selection of live TV channels from around the world, including numerous sports channels. It’s a user-friendly app that covers sports like football, cricket, and basketball.


Mobdro is another excellent app for live sports streaming, providing access to a vast array of sports channels. It offers a simple interface and a large collection of live streams.

RedBox TV

RedBox TV features a vast selection of live TV channels, including many dedicated to sports. It covers various sports and events, making it a versatile choice for sports enthusiasts.

Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz is a reliable app for live sports streaming, offering access to multiple sports channels worldwide. It’s known for its stable streams and user-friendly interface.

On-Demand Sports Apps

On-demand sports apps are perfect for fans who want to watch highlights, replays, and exclusive content at their convenience. These apps provide access to a wide range of sports content, allowing you to catch up on your favorite games and events.

On-Demand Sports Apps
On-Demand Sports Apps

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers a variety of on-demand sports content, including highlights and replays. It features channels dedicated to different sports, providing a diverse range of programming.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free streaming service with a large library of on-demand content, including sports documentaries and highlights. It’s an excellent option for fans looking for in-depth sports coverage.


Xumo provides on-demand sports content, featuring channels dedicated to different sports. It offers a mix of live and on-demand programming, making it a versatile app for sports fans.

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SportsTribal TV

SportsTribal TV is a dedicated sports streaming service offering on-demand content for various sports. It features highlights, replays, and original programming, catering to a wide range of interests.

Sports News and Analysis Apps

Staying informed about the latest sports news and analysis is crucial for avid sports fans. These apps provide up-to-date information, expert analysis, and in-depth coverage of your favorite sports.

Sports News and Analysis Apps
Sports News and Analysis Apps


ESPN is a leading sports news network that offers a comprehensive app for Firestick users. It provides the latest news, analysis, and highlights from a wide range of sports.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports delivers breaking news, expert analysis, and in-depth coverage of various sports. The app also offers live streaming of select sports events, making it a valuable resource for fans.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports app provides the latest sports news and analysis, along with live streaming of select events. It covers major sports leagues and offers detailed coverage of various sports.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports app offers up-to-date news, expert analysis, and highlights from different sports. It also provides live streaming of select sports events, ensuring comprehensive coverage for fans.


Specialty Sports Apps

For fans of specific sports, specialty sports apps offer dedicated content tailored to your interests. These apps provide in-depth coverage, exclusive content, and live streaming of specific sports.


FuboTV is a specialized sports streaming service that offers extensive coverage of soccer and other sports. It provides live streaming, highlights, and analysis, making it a must-have for soccer fans.


The NFL app is dedicated to American football, offering live streaming of games, highlights, and exclusive content. It’s the go-to app for fans of the National Football League.


The NBA app provides comprehensive coverage of basketball, including live games, highlights, and exclusive content. It’s an essential app for basketball enthusiasts.


DAZN is a sports streaming service that focuses on boxing and combat sports. It offers live streaming, highlights, and in-depth analysis, catering to fans of these sports.

International Sports Apps

For fans of international sports, these apps provide access to content from around the world. They offer live streaming, highlights, and coverage of various international sports and events.


SonyLIV offers extensive coverage of sports from India and other countries, including cricket, football, and wrestling. It’s a popular app for fans of international sports.

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Hotstar provides access to a wide range of international sports content, including cricket, football, and kabaddi. It offers live streaming, highlights, and in-depth coverage.

beIN Sports

beIN Sports app delivers live streaming and highlights of international sports, including football, rugby, and motorsports. It’s a valuable resource for fans of global sports events.

Sports TV

Sports TV offers coverage of various international sports, providing live streaming and highlights from around the world. It’s a versatile app for fans of different sports.

With these free Firestick sports apps, you can enjoy a wide range of sports content without paying for expensive subscriptions. Whether you’re into live sports, on-demand content, news and analysis, specialty sports, or international sports, there’s an app for you. Download these apps today and elevate your sports viewing experience.


Q1: What are some examples of live sports streaming apps available for Firestick?
A1: Live NetTV, Mobdro, RedBox TV, and Swift Streamz are some examples of live sports streaming apps for Firestick.

Q2: Can you recommend any on-demand sports apps for Firestick users?
A2: Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Xumo, and SportsTribal TV are excellent options for on-demand sports content on Firestick.

Q3: Which sports news and analysis apps are available for Firestick?
A3: ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and Fox Sports offer sports news and analysis apps for Firestick users.

Q4: Are there any specialty sports apps specifically designed for Firestick?
A4: FuboTV, NFL App, NBA App, and DAZN are specialty sports apps tailored for Firestick users.

Q5: Are there any international sports apps compatible with Firestick?
A5: SonyLIV, Hotstar, beIN Sports, and Sports TV provide international sports coverage and are compatible with Firestick.

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