Unlocking Entertainment Top Free Sports Apps for Firestick Streaming

Unlocking Entertainment: Top Free Sports Apps for Firestick Streaming

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By Wilhelm Gutmann

Amazon’s Firestick is a powerful tool for streaming all kinds of content, especially sports. With the right apps, you can enjoy a variety of sports events live and on-demand without the burden of subscription fees. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the top free sports apps for Firestick streaming.

Best Apps for Live Sports Streaming

Live sports streaming is a must for any sports fan. These apps offer a variety of live sports coverage so you never miss a game.

Best Apps for Live Sports Streaming


ESPN is a giant in the sports broadcasting world. The app provides access to live events, highlights, and expert analysis.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports offers a wide range of live sports, including NFL, NCAA basketball, and PGA Tour. It’s a great app for fans of multiple sports.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports provides live coverage of a variety of sports, including MLB, NFL, and soccer. It also features highlights and expert commentary.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports streams live events from a range of sports, including the Premier League, NHL, and NASCAR. It’s a comprehensive source for sports enthusiasts.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV offers numerous live TV channels, including sports channels from around the world. It’s a versatile app for international sports coverage.

Apps for On-Demand Sports Content

For those who prefer to watch sports at their convenience, these apps offer on-demand content.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV features on-demand sports content with a focus on extreme sports, including surfing, mountain biking, and more.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers various sports channels that provide on-demand content, including classic games, sports documentaries, and highlight reels.


YouTube is a treasure trove for sports fans, offering on-demand access to highlights, full game replays, and sports documentaries from various channels.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers a collection of on-demand sports movies and documentaries, making it a good choice for sports fans looking for entertaining content.


SportSurge provides links to on-demand sports streams, covering a wide range of sports and events, both mainstream and niche.

International Sports Streaming Apps

These apps are ideal for those interested in international sports, offering a wide range of global sports coverage.

International Sports Streaming Apps


DAZN is known for its international sports coverage, including boxing, soccer, and more. While it typically requires a subscription, it often has free trial periods.


SonyLIV offers extensive coverage of sports popular in India, such as cricket, soccer, and wrestling, making it a must-have for fans of these sports.


FuboTV specializes in live sports from around the world, including soccer, NFL, MLB, and more. It often offers free trials for new users.

La Liga Sports TV

La Liga Sports TV provides free access to live and on-demand sports content, particularly focusing on Spanish sports like soccer and basketball.

beIN Sports

beIN Sports offers comprehensive coverage of international sports, especially soccer, with a variety of live and on-demand options.

Apps for Niche Sports and Activities

For fans of niche sports, these apps provide specialized content not typically covered by mainstream sports networks.

Apps for Niche Sports and Activities
Apps for Niche Sports and Activities

Fishing TV

Fishing TV is perfect for angling enthusiasts, offering a variety of fishing shows, tips, and live events.

Motorsports TV

Motorsports TV provides content for racing fans, including live events, highlights, and documentaries covering a wide range of motorsports.


FloSports offers coverage of niche sports like wrestling, gymnastics, and track and field. It’s a great resource for fans of these sports.

Skateboard TV

Skateboard TV focuses on skateboarding events, interviews with pro skaters, and tutorials, making it a go-to app for skateboard enthusiasts.

Climbing Daily

Climbing Daily offers content for rock climbing and bouldering fans, including event coverage, tutorials, and athlete interviews.

How to Install Sports Apps on Firestick

Installing sports apps on your Firestick is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started.

How to Install Sports Apps on Firestick
How to Install Sports Apps on Firestick

Enabling Unknown Sources

To install third-party apps, you’ll first need to enable apps from unknown sources in your Firestick settings.

Using the Amazon App Store

The Amazon App Store offers a variety of sports apps. Simply search for the app you want and click to download and install.

Installing Apps via Downloader

For apps not available on the Amazon App Store, you can use the Downloader app to sideload APK files.

Using FileLinked

FileLinked allows you to download multiple apps using codes. Find the codes for the sports apps you want and download them directly.

Updating Apps

Keep your sports apps updated for the best performance. Most apps will notify you of updates, or you can check manually in the app settings.

With these apps and installation tips, your Firestick can become a powerhouse for streaming free sports content, bringing you closer to the action than ever before.


In conclusion, Amazon Firestick offers an incredible array of free sports apps that cater to every sports enthusiast’s preferences. Whether you’re into live streaming, on-demand content, international sports, or niche activities, there’s an app to suit your needs. By leveraging these apps, Firestick transforms into a versatile entertainment hub, ensuring you never miss a game or exciting sports moment. Explore the possibilities and enjoy the thrill of sports from the comfort of your home with these top-rated apps.


How can I watch live sports on my Firestick for free?

You can watch live sports on your Firestick for free by downloading apps like ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and Live NetTV from the Amazon App Store or sideloading them using Downloader or FileLinked.

What apps offer on-demand sports content on Firestick?

Apps like Red Bull TV, Pluto TV, YouTube, Tubi TV, and SportSurge provide on-demand sports content on Firestick, including highlights, documentaries, and classic games.

Which Firestick apps provide international sports coverage?

Apps such as DAZN, SonyLIV, FuboTV, La Liga Sports TV, and beIN Sports offer extensive international sports coverage, including soccer, boxing, cricket, and more.

Can I find apps for niche sports on Firestick?

Yes, Firestick offers apps like Fishing TV, Motorsports TV, FloSports, Skateboard TV, and Climbing Daily for niche sports enthusiasts, covering activities like fishing, motorsports, wrestling, skateboarding, and rock climbing.

How do I install sports apps on my Firestick?

To install sports apps on Firestick, enable unknown sources in Firestick settings, download apps from the Amazon App Store, sideload APKs using Downloader, use FileLinked for multiple app downloads, and keep apps updated for optimal performance.

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